Custom Mirror Decoration Ideas for Living Room, Outdoor Wall Decor & More in Mount Aetna, MD

Mirrors don’t just provide a reflective surface just to monitor our appearance. They can also be used for ornamental décor and to create amazing affects. Mirrors can be used in the home or in commercial settings. In the home, mirrors can create unique designs or effects that bring more personality into the home. When looking…

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Pros of European (Euro) Style Hinged Frameless Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures in Cavetown, MD

One of the leading bathroom renovation trends is to convert the shower to a Euro style glass enclosure. Euro or European style shower enclosures are rather basic. Even so, it enhances the look of the entire bathroom. Euro glass enclosure are frameless pieces of glass that enclose the shower or even the bathtub. ANE Window…

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Frosted Glass Applications in Smithsburg, MD; Light to Dark Frost, Decorative Design, Privacy & More

Glass is used everywhere in our homes and commercial buildings. Glass is used for doors, windows, in bathrooms, on cabinets and more. Glass is used for its durable translucency. Glass can also be created into great works of art which enhances the home décor. Frosted glass comes in a variety of textured designs, which can…

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