Benefits of Scratch Resistant Residential Window Film Installation in Fountainhead-Orchard Hills, MD

Window film has been around since the 1960’s and used to be made of a silver base with a highly reflective appearance. As the demand for these films increased, they looked better and worked better too. Window film is a great way to reject 98-99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy.

Advantages of Residential Window Film

• Reduces the fading of carpets and upholstery.
• Reduces your energy bill.
• Elimination of “hot spots” for increased comfort.
• Reduces glare from the sun.
• Increases your level of privacy.
• Allows for improved safety when glass is broken.

Scratch Resistant Glass Protection Film

Window film is made up of numerous types of scratch resistant coatings when it is processed. This coating is applied to the exterior surface of the window to protect the film from normal wear and tear as well as natural elements. While no window film is entirely scratch proof, it’s good to know that most are scratch resistant. The life of your window film will depend on the type of window film installed, the type of glass and the construction of your windows.

How Does Window Film Work to Reduce Heat from the Sun?

There are four basic things that happen when sunlight hits the glass surface of windows that are treated with film:
1. As sunlight hits the window, part of its energy is reflected away from the window
2. The glass will absorb some of that energy
3. Part of the sun’s solar energy is transmitted through the window film and into the room
4. A portion of the sun’s energy is absorbed by the window film and part of re-radiated in and out of the room
Window films work great in the winter too. The film helps to reflect radiant heat back inside your home to reduce heat loss, keep you warmer and save you money.

Can Window Film Prevent Glass Breakage?

The glass industry hasn’t created a product that will prevent glass from breaking, but they will provide protection against the effects of glass breakage. Window films help keep broken glass from becoming hazardous when it goes flying through the air. Standard window film will hold broken glass in place to some extent. Most residential films are 2 millimeters thick, while safety and security films can range from 4 millimeters up to 14 millimeters in thickness.

DIY VS Professional Window Tint Film Installation

You can purchase window film at most home improvements stores but they do not come with any type of manufacturers warranty. There is also a limited selection. You should trust professionals to install window film. They offer the quality, selection and warranties to ensure you get the best film for your money. While it may seem simple to install window film, it’s not. Professionals have the training and expertise to give you the best results. Most professional window films are warranted for at least ten years. Because there are different types of window film, you will need to talk with professionals about the warranty of the film you’re considering

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