Window Tinting & Film

If you own your own home or business you can welcome the warmth of the sun without damaging the interior of your space by investing in the benefits of a professionally installed ANE Window Tinting window film and tinting service. Quality window tinting and film is designed to protect your vehicle along with your residential home and commercial business from the harmful damage caused by UV rays. Window tinting can also help you save money by reducing the amount you pay for heating and cooling costs each year. In fact window tinting can offer a rapid return by saving you as much as 15% a year on your energy costs.

Benefits of Car, Home & Office Window Tinting & Film

At ANE Window Tinting, we offer a complete line of window tinting services that are resilient enough to protect your property from sun damage and durable enough to protect your property from damage caused by vandalism and break-ins. Window tinting can also provide you with the added benefit of privacy in both your home and business environment. Along with our window tinting services, we also offer a comprehensive line of decorative window films that are both affordable and practical. At ANE Window Tinting we provide a quality installation service with a superior tinting product that is customized to fit your specific requirements.

Residential Window Tinting Offers Both Comfort & Efficiency for Your Home

Natural sunlight offers many benefits to your home but there are also a lot of negatives including an increase in energy costs, annoying and uncomfortable glare, and damage to your furniture and window treatments caused by the sun’s harsh rays. At ANE Window Tinting quality residential window tint is designed to block out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, allowing you all the benefits of sunlight without the damaging effects. Even more importantly, window film is recommended by dermatologists to help prevent skin damage caused by exposure to harsh rays from the summer sun.

Commercial Window Tinting offers both Employee Satisfaction & Customer Retention for your Commercial Space

Commercial window tinting is designed to protect your facility as well as and your employees and customers by ensuring that the performance of your HVAC system is enhanced by blocking out harmful UV rays and other elements. Commercial window tinting can also eliminate the hot spots that can increase your energy costs.

Safety & Security Window Film Installation in the Eastern Panhandle Area

Safety and security window film can protect your home and business and the people you care about from damage caused by natural disasters, accidents, crime and vandalism. Safely and security film is comprised of specially designed heavy duty materials that are bonded with adhesives to provide an extremely durable barrier that will hold the glass together at the exact moment it is breached. Safety & security window film adds an extra layer of protection making it an ideal choice for retail environments that are vulnerable to theft.

Decorative Window Film Installation for Homes & Businesses

Decorative window film is designed to bring a touch of creativity to your home or business. Decorative window film can be used on shower doors and surrounds along with bathroom enclosures to provide privacy and a personal touch to your space. Film finishes and designs include; frosts, patterns, textures and specialty finishes.

Automotive Car Window Tinting & Films

Automotive window tinting and film has many benefits including a cooler driving experience during the summer with the benefit of blocking out 99% of UV rays, reducing the amount of glare caused by the sun’s rays, protecting the interior or your vehicle, enhancing your privacy, and providing protection for the occupants of your vehicle. We have a wide range of shades available and experienced technicians can help you select the right tint for your specific needs and requirements.

For more information regarding window tinting and film, contact the knowledgeable experts at ANE Window Tinting today.

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