Gray Package – Premium Nano Carbon

Would you bring a knife to a gun fight? Nano Carbon technology allows you to hold the smoking gun against competitors slinging dyed tint and generation 4 Carbon films by simply blocking more solar energy and never fading and changing color.

► Powered by generation 5 carbon technology

► Superior alternative to dyed window film and generation 4 Carbon films

► Up to 67% infrared radiation (IR) rejection

► 99.9% ultraviolet (UV) protection

► Color stable

► Constructed with zero dye

► Carbamate HD adhesive

► Available in black

► 2ply / 1.5mil thickness

► Backed by lifetime warranty

Constructed as a traditional 2ply, 1.5mil film, Nano Carbon contains nano particles of carbon in between two weatherable layers of polyester that allows the product to block out most of the solar energy dyed film and generation 4 carbon film lets through. All of this is tied together with our superior Carbamate HD™ adhesive system designed to last longer, bond faster.

Window Film Care
Maintenance should be followed to extend the life and appearance of your Tint Club automotive film, as well as to maintain your warranty coverage.

Do not roll down filmed windows for a period of five (5) days until the film has properly adhered to the glass.
Do not wash the film for seven (7) days after installation.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or coarse cloths.
Use a mild soap and clean, soft cloth or synthetic sponge.
Note: The above are general guidelines for caring for your window film. Humidity and temperature can determine the length of the curing process. Please ask your local installer for care instructions tailored to your location.

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