Pros of European (Euro) Style Hinged Frameless Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures in Cavetown, MD

One of the leading bathroom renovation trends is to convert the shower to a Euro style glass enclosure. Euro or European style shower enclosures are rather basic. Even so, it enhances the look of the entire bathroom. Euro glass enclosure are frameless pieces of glass that enclose the shower or even the bathtub. ANE Window Tinting would like to share more about Euro style glass doors and enclosures in the bathroom and why they are in such high demand.

European Style Glass in Bathrooms

Euro style glass bathrooms don’t use any metal framing around the edges of the glass. This is why they are called frameless. The idea of the frameless glass helps make the bathroom appear more open and cleaner. Euro glass is great for smaller bathrooms as they help make the bathroom feel bigger. Euro glass has a very modern look which enhances modern designs and themes. Many hotels and resorts will uses Euro style glass to make their bathrooms more luxurious and cleaner looking. The metal frames around traditional tubs and showers often rust and develop hard water spots which make keeping the glass and the frame clean more difficult. With Euro style glass, they are easier to maintain and keep clean.

Custom Euro Style Shower Glass Panels

Euro style glass can be cut to fit any bathroom. As stated, they are often used to enclose showers and even bathtubs. Sometimes only a door is needed as many bathroom designs vary. The glass can also be tinted to offer some privacy. The glass itself can also be frosted, have rain glass patterns, or hammered, which all offer a bit more privacy than clear glass. However, since by nature the bathroom is already private, you may find you love the look of the clear glass.

Tips for Installing Euro Glass

When having Euro glass installed in your home, always seek out professional installation. A professional service should come to your home, take proper measurements, and provide you an estimate. Euro glass requires delicate installation, which is why it is best to leave it to the professionals. Professional installers also know what the best silicone adhesive to use for bathroom. They should always use a mildew resistant, clear (translucent) silicone, which is discrete and looks much better.

Euro Glass Care & Cleaning

If you decide to install Euro glass in your bathroom, you will want to make sure the glass is kept cleaned. When water spots and hard water stains develop all over your glass, it will ruin the look of the bathroom and make it seem less clean. To prevent hard water spots, it is recommended to wipe down the glass after every use. You can keep a window squeegee in the bathroom to make removing the residue much easier. You can also use a micro-fiber cleaning cloth which helps prevent streaks. Make sure to do weekly cleanings to prevent hard water or soap scum from developing on the glass. Use a cleaning solution for glass bathroom enclosures such as Magic Eraser, Bar Keepers Friend, or even just simple white wine vinegar.

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