Small Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas in Thurmont, MD; Tub to Shower Conversion & More

Are you remodeling a bathroom? Many homes suffer from having too small of a bathroom. It is common to hear from homeowners how they wish to make their tiny bathroom bigger. Getting more space out of a small bathroom can be challenging. However there are a few ways you can get more space out of your bathroom. ANE Window Tinting will share a few ways you can create more space in a smaller bathroom during a remodel.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion

One of the most common ways to get more space in a small bathroom is by taking out the bathtub. Most people take showers and very rarely ever take a bath. Soaking in a bath is luxurious at times. However, it is also not very practical. If you are one of those types of people who don’t take baths very often, consider taking out the bathtub and put in a stand-alone shower. Showers take up only half the space of a bathtub and can add more space for sinks, cabinets, and other bathroom storage. For maximum space saving, angled showers can help provide more space.

Single Unit Vanity, Sink & Storage

Instead of having storage, cabinet, sink and vanity all separated, you can easily bring them into a single area. Vanity mirrors can provide storage for hygiene and beauty product, with a sink setting on top of a cabinet. You can easily combine all three and still have a beautiful looking bathroom. It can help save you space and reduce the clutter in a small bathroom. Some other tricks to add more storage space without taking up space inside a bathroom is by using pocket cabinets or built-in cabinets, meaning a small cabinet space that sits inside the wall partially. By using the space inside the wall, you can help create additional storage space and less space being used inside the bathroom.

What Color Bathroom & Lighting is Best for a Small Bathroom?

When remodeling a smaller bathroom consider adding light and use the right colors to help make the bathroom feel bigger. This doesn’t mean to use white paint and bright lights. However lighter tones can help make the space feel bigger. You can bring in such colors as grays, yellows and certain shade of blues and greens. You will want good light but don’t overdo it with light either. Too much light can make the bathroom an unpleasant place.

Mirrors to Reflect Light in Bathroom

It’s a great idea to have a larger mirror installed in front of the bathroom sink. This mirror will reflect all the light in the room as well as pick up the color and pattern to make your small bathroom look bigger. You could also try adding mirrors opposite from bathroom windows to reflect both the natural and artificial light in the room. This can make even the smallest bathroom seem larger and a dark space instantly brighter.

Bathroom Pocket Doors

It is amazing how much space a door can take up and make unusable. If you have a bathroom door that swings inwards which most do, consider taking out a standard hinge door and installing a pocket door. A pocket door is a door that slides inside a section of the wall. Using a pocket door provides a smaller bathroom with much more usable space inside and you don’t have to worry about surrendering the space for the door to swing inside.

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There are a number of ways and tricks you can use to get more space in a small bathroom and make the room feel bigger. If you need help remodeling your small bathroom and want more space, contact ANE Window Tinting. We provide quality glass shower door and enclosures for your remodeling projects. Contact ANE Window Tinting to schedule our services today.

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