Best Type of Window Tint for Cars in Paramount-Long Meadow, MD; Carbon, Ceramic & More

When you want to have your vehicle’s windows tinted to reduce the sun rays blinding or heating up the inside of your car, you will find there are a few tinting options. Not every auto tinting service uses all of the different tinting methods. However, there are different types of auto window tinting and each has their own benefits. Knowing the different methods of windows tinting can better help you decide which one is right for you. ANE Window Tinting will share some of the most common types of window tinting methods used today and their benefits.

Dyed Window Tinting

One method used to tint windows is done with a special dye that is applied over the glass. The dyes are applied by using many layers which create a film. The dye is able to absorb solar heat and helps keep the inside of the vehicle cooler in summer. However, as dye window tinting is a cheaper alternative than other window tinting methods, they don’t last very long and will require reapplication much sooner than other window tinting methods.

Metalized Window Tint

A method similar to dye window tinting wherein layers of dye is applied, this method creates a film as well. However, the film is metalized window tinting. Metalized window tinting is unique as it uses microscopic metallic particles to help block out the sun and also reflects the sun’s rays. The metallic particles are not invisible and are embedded into the film itself. Some of the advantages of metalized tinting is that it is highly reflective, reduces glare, blocks UV light (which prevents interior damages) and is also shatter and scratch resistance. Metalized window tinting is also one of the longer lasting tints that won’t fade over time.

Hybrid Window Tinting

Hybrid window tinting is the combination of metallic particles and dyes. Some people don’t like the look of reflective metalized window tints, but they want the benefits. While many want a longer lasting tint than what dye produces, hybrid window tinting is often a good choice. As hybrid window tint uses the same metallic particles combined with the dye, it helps to reduce the reflective surface of the tint. Hybrid window tints won’t block out as much of the UV rays or sun as the metalized window tints, it is still fairly close.

Carbon Window Tint Film

Carbon window tint film is a pre-made film that uses a unique matte finish. The matte finish is a very appealing tint and blocks out around 40% of the IR radiation that creates the heat within the vehicle. The carbon material helps to keep the inside cool and reduces upholstery damage or fading. Carbon window tinting is durable and won’t fade over time like dye tint will.

Ceramic Window Tint

One of the higher quality window tints on the market is ceramic tint film. Ceramic tint film is newer in the market and is not found everywhere. However, this tinting film can block about 50% of the heat from entering your vehicle. It is also shatter resistant, doesn’t fade or create glares, and is great for blocking out UV rays.

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