Custom Mirror Decoration Ideas for Living Room, Outdoor Wall Decor & More in Mount Aetna, MD

Mirrors don’t just provide a reflective surface just to monitor our appearance. They can also be used for ornamental décor and to create amazing affects. Mirrors can be used in the home or in commercial settings. In the home, mirrors can create unique designs or effects that bring more personality into the home. When looking for different ways to bring custom mirrors into your home, or see how they can be used for events, ANE Window Tintings has a few suggestions.

Wedding Centerpieces with Mirrors

Custom mirrors are not just for hanging on the wall. They can be used for small or medium sized ornaments such as tabletop center pieces. One of the most common demands for custom mirrors as a center piece are for weddings or elaborate anniversary parties. Custom mirrors can be cut into different shapes and sizes, allowing for a beautiful centerpiece that can be kept as a memento and reused for different events.

Infinity & Other Mirror Illusion Tricks

Mirrors in a home can be used to create unique affects as well. With proper placement of mirrors, you can make smaller rooms feel bigger. In rooms with little to no natural lighting, you can use mirrors to reflect natural light into darker areas of the home. Custom mirrors can also be shaped to fit arches and other unique structural features in the home. When placing mirrors on opposite sides of the room, you can create an infinity affect.

Decorative Mirror Above Fireplace Mantels

Another common request for custom mirrors are for fireplace mantels. Mirrors over the fireplace enhances the look of the fireplace. Mirrors over the fireplace mantel can also serve other purposes as well. Fireplaces are mostly used during the winter season. They then collect dust during the spring and summer. The mirrors can help make the fireplace useful all year long. As many people don’t want a blazing fire to add heat into their home during the summer months, small candles on the fireplace mantel creates the same atmosphere as a blazing fire with the aid of the mirror. The mirror reflects the small light from the candles and make them feel bigger and brighter.

Outdoor Garden Wall Mirrors

Mirrors also have their place outside as well as inside. Custom mirrors can be used around pool areas to reflect the light from the water and bounce it back on the ceiling of the porch. They can also be used to help provide a view to areas of the yard that is hard to see, especially where little ones may like to play. Mirrors can add beauty and interest to the yard as well as increase security and more awareness.

Custom Mirrors & More in Martinsburg, WV, Round Hill, VA, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Greater Eastern Panhandle Areas including Berkeley & Jefferson Counties, West Virginia

Custom mirrors can be shaped and cut in different shapes and sizes. Custom mirror are often used for vanities in bathrooms. The custom design of the bathroom mirrors allow more personality and custom theme or designs than the standard rectangle, oval, or square cut mirrors that you find at the store. Custom mirrors allow the homeowner to bring more of their personality into their home.Custom mirrors are a great way to enhance your home or to be used at various events. For quality custom mirrors and more, contact ANE Window Tinting today.

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