Framed, Semi & Frameless Glass Shower Door Installation in Wilson-Conococheague, MD

Replacing your shower with a glass door and enclosure is a simple way to completely transform a bathroom. Often when you are looking at glass enclosures, you will see two common options. One is a frameless glass door and the other is a framed glass shower door and/or enclosure. ANE Window Tinting will share the differences between framed and frameless glass doors and the advantages of both.

Framed Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures

A framed glass door is as the named implies. It has a frame going around the glass. The glass is usually framed with stainless steel metal in various depths. The frame helps to provide more stability. They are also considered more watertight. A seal can be discretely applied along the sides of the door which makes it more watertight. However, the framed shower door is limited to swinging outwards which can pose a problem, depending on the bathroom layout. Additionally, framed glass looks a little outdated, especially if a modern look was used in the bathroom.

Frameless Glass Shower Door & Panel Enclosure

Frameless glass doors and enclosures do not use any frames and come in a wide range of styles. Frameless glass adds a great element to the bathroom. The seamless glass helps open up the bathroom making the bathroom feel bigger and brighter. Frameless glass doors can also swing inwards and outwards, which allows for more flexible access to the shower enclosure. Another benefit of frameless glass is that they are easier to keep clean. The frames used on glass door can hold the residue longer and develop hard water stains and soup scum easily. With frameless glass, the water simply drips off the glass. Therefore, along with its smooth surface, frameless glass is far easier to clean. Frameless shower doors and enclosures are one of the more popular options, as many homeowner love the look and the low maintenance needs of the glass.

Best Type of Glass for Shower Doors

Both framed and frameless glass comes in many varieties. You can find frosted, etched, clear and so much more. These varieties can help enhance the look of the bathroom and some even provide some extra privacy. The type of glass is based on the homeowner’s own taste and desire. Regardless, both framed and frameless glass comes with plenty of options. Both types of glass are tempered. However, you will usually find frameless glass much thicker to improve safety and shatter resistance. Framed and frameless shower doors use hinged and sliding hardware which allows for more function and design. Framed and frameless doors can last for decades. With proper care, both types of glass enclosures can last between 20 and 30 years. Simply, both are great options and can help enhance the bathroom in look and function. When deciding to install new shower doors and glass enclosures, make sure to seek professional assistance. Frameless shower glass doors and enclosures must be installed correctly to ensure safety. Improper installation can result in the glass falling and shattering.

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