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Emergency Window Board Up Services After a Break-in, Storm Damage & Other Disaster in Martinsburg, WV; Securing & Closing Open Doorways, Windows & Storefronts

Initial board up is important after a fire, storm, flood, vandalism or an accident. The first step to repairing a problem is to first eliminate any other potential problem from occurring. If it’s done the right way, it entails more than just nailing wood over the windows and tacking tarps down to a damaged roof.…

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Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Home, Business & Car in Martinsburg, WV; Energy Saving Window Films Prevent Sun Damage, Reduce Glare, Increase Privacy & Keep You Cool!

As the seasons change, the Martinsburg, West Virginia heat will be arriving before you know it. Locals know that means high temperatures and high energy bills. Fortunately, having window tint and film applied to your home, office and vehicle can make the warm spring and hot summer months much more enjoyable. Window tinting is one…

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Signs Your Should Repair or Replace Your Windows in Martinsburg, WV? Chipped, Cracked, Damaged & Broken Glass, Drafts, Condensation, Rotting Frames & More

Glass is one of the most beneficial materials available, but where they are fairly durable, they are also vulnerable. There are a number of things that indicate that your windows are not 100%. We at ANE Glass & Mirror would like to share some red flags your windows need to be replaced. 1) Windows don’t…

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Why Tint Your Car Windows in Martinsburg, WV? Pros of Auto Window Tinting Film; Preserve Vehicle Interior, Shatterproof Film, Reduce Sun Glare, Privacy, UV Protection & More

When several people buy a new car, one of the first customizations they want to make is window tinting. Not only can it make the car look better, but there are many other benefits that come with tinting the windows of your car. ANE Glass & Mirror is here to share some of the benefits…

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