Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Home, Business & Car in Martinsburg, WV; Energy Saving Window Films Prevent Sun Damage, Reduce Glare, Increase Privacy & Keep You Cool!

As the seasons change, the Martinsburg, West Virginia heat will be arriving before you know it. Locals know that means high temperatures and high energy bills. Fortunately, having window tint and film applied to your home, office and vehicle can make the warm spring and hot summer months much more enjoyable. Window tinting is one of the best ways to combat high energy bills while reducing exposure to UV rays.

Energy Saving Window Films

Throughout the country, energy bills sky rocket during the scorching heat of summer and Martinsburg, WV is no exception. One of the main benefits of having solar control window films is the energy saving factor. Solar control window films can actually reduce 65% of the total solar energy that gets into your home, office or car. These window films not only add an aesthetic value, but more importantly, help to keep you cool while saving you money on utilities.

UV Protection; Prevent Sun Damage
Another benefit of window films or window tinting is sun damage prevention. Everyone knows that harmful infrared and UV rays can damage your skin and cause skin cancer. But did you know they can also cause fading and sun damage to furniture, artwork, flooring and car interiors? Solar control window films block out 99% of these destructive UV rays and 98.5% of damaging infrared rays, keeping both people and belongings protected. ANE Window Tinting has prepared a list of benefits of adding window tint to your home, business or car.

Is Tinting House Windows Worth It?
Yes! Residential window tinting and films offer the following benefits:
– Increased Comfort
– Keeps Home Cooler in the Summer
– Saves on Energy Costs
– Blocks 99% of the UV rays and Keeps Furniture, Floors & Home Decor from Fading
– Reduces Glare
– Increases Privacy from Neighbors

Commercial Building Window Tinting Benefits

Having window tint and film applied to your business offers the following valuable advantages:
– Increases Comfort
– Keeps Business Premises Cooler for Staff, Customers & Clients
– Saves on Energy Costs
– Blocks 99% of the UV rays
– Reduces Glare
– Increases Privacy & Safety of Business Assets

Pros of Tinting Car Windows

Who doesn’t want their car windows tinted. But just in case you need a reminder, here are some of the pros:
– Increases Comfort
– Keeps Vehicle Cooler with Solar Heat Rejection
– Block 99% of the UV rays
– Preserves Interior of Vehicle
– Reduces Glare & Increases Safety while Driving
– Increases Privacy & Keeps Valuables Concealed Inside Vehicle
– Keeps Driver & Passengers Safe with Shattered Glass Protection

Professional Window Tinting

Applying window tint is not a DIY kind of project. It is a smart decision to have professionals install window tints and films. ANE Window Tinting will consult with you to determine the correct type of window film best suited for your home, business and car. We will install window tint and film property the first time; and in a timely manner without bubbles and creases. We will also be able to make sure that everything goes smoothly throughout your entire installation process.

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Whether it be window tint for your car, business, or home, the seasoned professionals at ANE Window Tinting can help you with all of your window tinting and glass needs. ANE Window Tinting is dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience. For more information about our services, be sure to contact us today.

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