Signs Your Should Repair or Replace Your Windows in Martinsburg, WV? Chipped, Cracked, Damaged & Broken Glass, Drafts, Condensation, Rotting Frames & More

Glass is one of the most beneficial materials available, but where they are fairly durable, they are also vulnerable. There are a number of things that indicate that your windows are not 100%. We at ANE Window Tinting would like to share some red flags your windows need to be replaced.
1) Windows don’t open and close smoothly. Windows do more than provide your home with natural light; they also safely allow air into your home. A good breeze in your home can freshen it up and optimize temperatures. If the windows are not opening sufficiently, they more than likely need replacing.
2) Feeling a draft around windows. If the interior temperatures are not matching the settings of your thermostat, inspect your windows. If you feel any air passing through the frame, the seals have more than likely degraded, or the very least, developed gaps. Contact a professional for replacement before you spend too much on wasted energy.
3) Condensation or ice is collecting between glass window panes. Modern windows are designed with between two and three panes; which mean the windows are comprised of two-three layers of glass that have an insulated material, usually, gas, in between the panels. The windows are sealed tightly to keep the gas contained. In the event you witness condensation or even ice buildup in between the panes, the seals have deteriorated and the windows are no longer insulated. If left un-replaced, the residue derived from the dried condensation will create calcium deposits on the glass.
4) Old windows. Unfortunately, few things are built to last. Windows are no exception to the deterioration of time and use. If properly cared for and maintained, windows last approximately 20 years. If the windows are 20 plus years, they will need replacing.
5) Sudden increase in energy costs. If the windows seals have failed, the draft is an indication, but so is an increased utility bill. A drafty window will make your heating or cooling system, depending on the time of year, work far harder than what it is designed to do. Not only is it straining to keep up with demand, causing additional wear, but it will increase energy consumption, making your high bill a clue the windows are not efficient. If you notice an abnormal spike, check the windows, if there are drafts present, get them replaced.
6) Damaged glass. The more obvious red flag your windows need replacing is seeing the evidence. Glass breakage, chips, and cracks are signs screaming at you to get your window replaced. However, if the chips and cracks are small, a repair job may be sufficient to get you by for a time.
7) Rotting window frames. Window frames are exposed to the elements, showing the deterioration and damage done, long before the interior frames. If the frames look warped, crumble to the touch or there is peeling wood, you will likely need a professional to replace them.

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