Emergency Window Board Up Services After a Break-in, Storm Damage & Other Disaster in Martinsburg, WV; Securing & Closing Open Doorways, Windows & Storefronts

Initial board up is important after a fire, storm, flood, vandalism or an accident. The first step to repairing a problem is to first eliminate any other potential problem from occurring. If it’s done the right way, it entails more than just nailing wood over the windows and tacking tarps down to a damaged roof. You need to hire an experienced team to board up after an emergency. The term “board up” can involve a lot of things in the restoration after a disaster. The easiest way to explain it is that it secures and protects the property quickly after an emergency has occurred … and the faster, the better.

Types of Emergency Window, House & Other Board Up Services

1. Securing and closing all areas affected. If your home or business is left wide open after an emergency it can bring on many problems. If the damage didn’t affect the entire building there are likely valuables inside that need to be protected. Window board up services can help close breach points.
2. Roof tarp covering. Emergencies occur day and night. Roofs need to be tarped off in the event of a fire or heavy rains. Large hail storms and heavy winds can also affect roofs along with lightning.
3. Barricades. Board up services can also require barricades. Fencing is oftentimes set up to keep people away from an emergency area. Barricades give an added layer of protection when extra precautions are needed.
4. Removing debris. Think about all the debris that can be left behind after an emergency. Board up services can also include removing this debris inside and outside the building. This is done for safety and to make it easier for estimators, adjustors and other professionals that will need to enter the property.
5. Temporary power. In cases where power has been knocked out, they can make sure you’ll have a source of power to continue day to day services in the building and the restoration team will also need power to do what they need to do.
6. Assessing the damage. An inspection can be done to assess the damage and they can help the customer in many emergency situations.
7. Communication with insurance companies. A stressful event can be easier when you have the board up company have direct contact with the insurance. This will make the claim easier and will help in avoiding any issues that may arise.

Emergency Board Up Services in Martinsburg, WV, Round Hill, VA, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Greater Eastern Panhandle Areas including Berkeley & Jefferson Counties, West Virginia

Peace of mind is important in anything, especially after a disaster. Major disasters like a fire, flood, storm, vandalism or an accident that has caused significant damage can leave a property unstable and exposed. This will make it vulnerable to more damage and put safety at risk for many. Board up services are imperative in mitigating a loss. These services are completed by experienced professionals who will do it without causing any other damage in the process. Many cities require board up services as part of the restoration process by local authorities. If you are concerned about your property after a major disaster, don’t hesitate to call ANE Window Tinting for emergency window board up services.

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