Pros & Cons of Auto Glass Tinting in Martinsburg, WV; Tinted Car Windows; UV Protection, Reduces Heat & More

When it comes to your vehicle, there are several upgrades and customizations that you can add to make it your own. One popular customization is window tinting. There are several benefits but like with anything, there are also negatives to tinting the windows on your vehicle if you don’t hire a professional like ANE Glass in the first place! ANE Glass is here to talk about the pros and cons to tinting the windows in your vehicle.

Car Window Tint UV Protection

If you decide to tint your vehicle’s windows, one benefit you will notice is protection from UV rays. The passengers riding in your car will benefit from the protection your tinted windows offer from dangerous UV rays. It won’t block all of them, but you can rest easy knowing that you are somewhat protected.

Tinting Car Windows Reduces Heat

If you live in an area that has extreme temperatures in the summer, you may be looking for ways to escape some of the heat. Tinting your car’s windows will keep the temperatures much lower inside your car. Of course, the darker your tint, the more heat that will be blocked from the interior of your car.

Auto Tinting Helps Prevent Car Break Ins

Having your windows tinted will block visibility from those looking to steal anything in your car. Most criminals will see tinted windows are move on to a car they can clearly look into, knowing what they will be able to take.

Window Protects Your Car’s Interior

Not only can the tint protect the passengers riding in your car, but it will also offer protection for your car’s interior. The damaging UV rays from the sun will fade and cause permanent damage to the interior of your car.

Disadvantages to Tinted Car Windows

There is another side to window tinting. Here are some of the cons to tinting your car’s windows.
Bubbling & Peeling of the Tint if Installed Improperly – If your tint isn’t applied properly, or a high-quality tint isn’t used, you will notice over time it will start to peel or bubble. This can be quite unsightly. You either need to have the tint removed or reapplied to resolve this problem.
Less Visibility – You will notice that the tint on your car’s window will make it more difficult to see out the windows when it is dark. Some people don’t feel comfortable with less visibility but most people find the advantages far outweigh this minor inconvenience.

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