Different Types of Glass for Your Bathroom Shower Doors & Enclosures in Hedgesville, WV

Installing glass for your shower enclosure is often one of the finishing touches of a bathroom renovation and construction project. Depending on the type of glass you select, it can add a certain architectural design and style to your bathroom. There are many types of glass you have to choose from for your shower enclosure so how do you pick the right one for your home? ANE Window Tinting will explain the different types of glass available to help you decide on the best glass type for your bathroom.

Clear Glass Shower Enclosure

Clear glass is the most commonly used type of glass for shower enclosures. Clear glass looks very similar to window glass but is considerably thicker. Many homeowners choose clear glass because of its lack of distraction. If your bathroom design has other complex design elements such as patterned wall paper or intricate tile work that you would rather be the focal point, clear glass is a great choice for your bathroom.

Tinted Glass Showers

Another option for homeowners wanting privacy is tinted glass. When a darker shade is selected, the glass will almost appear opaque. Tinted glass comes in shades ranging from bronze to grey or even black. The darker the glass, the less light can travel through it and it almost creates a barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.

Opaque Frosted Glass Shower Doors

For a soft and smooth appearance in your bathroom, frosted glass is a desirable option. Frosted glass is coarse on one side and the glass on the inner side of the enclosure is smooth. Frosted glass is available in a wide variety of color variations depending on the style and design of your bathroom. It offers a certain level of privacy as well which many home owners find appealing.

Rain Glass Shower Doors

Another popular textured glass type is rain glass which imitates the appearance of rain running down a window pane. If you have small children at home that tend to leave fingerprints and other blemishes on whatever they touch, rain glass is appealing as it hides them easily while also offering a level of privacy.

Hammered Glass Shower Enclosures

Picture a piece of metal that has been hit with a hammer repeatedly. Hammered glass is made to look similar to that. The dents offer obscurity but not necessarily privacy. Hammered glass reflects beautiful designs on the bathroom wall as light bounces through the different angles found in the glass. If you are searching for a shower enclosure that will make a strong statement, look no further than hammered glass.

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No matter what type of glass you select for your shower enclosure, hiring the right company to install it is a must so you can enjoy its beauty and functionality. The glass specialists at ANE Window Tinting can consult with you to help you decide which glass type and design works best for your shower as well as take measurements to ensure your shower enclosure fits perfectly and install it seamlessly. Choosing the perfect shower door for your bathroom will be one of the last steps and is an exciting design choice. Let us help you choose the right one for your home. Call us today!

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