Mirrors in Commercial Settings in Inwood, WV; Beveled, Framed, Mirrored Wall Panels & More

There are a number of commercial settings and all will need mirrors for different uses. There are different types of mirrors from framed, wall mirrors, standard mirrors, and more. Each mirror has its different uses or applications. ANE Window Tinting will share how different commercial settings use mirrors, some for décor, others for security, and some use them for training.

Standard Mirrors

A standard mirror is often a pre-cut, polished mirror with rounded edges. Often specific sizes of a standard mirror can be ordered from a manufacturer if the commercial center wishes a custom mirror. Standard mirrors are most often used for commercial bathrooms and basic décor. Standard mirrors are quickly made and can be used for large buildings that require a number of mirrors such as hotels and resorts.

Small or Large Beveled Mirrors

A beveled mirror is mostly used as a decorative piece, either in a bathroom or lobby area. Beveled mirrors have the edges of the mirror tapering down, which makes the mirror center pop out. Beveled mirrors can come in various designs and cut patterns. Additionally, the mirrors range on how far they can pop out and come in by 2 or 3 inches. However the beveled thickness can vary.

Mirrored Wall Panels

Mirrored walls are large pieces that cover an entire wall. Mirrored walls are used for a number of different applications. Wall mirrors are used to help brighten a work or office space. They are used in fitness centers, retail stores, and in beauty salons or spas. Most mirrored walls use a beveled style mirror or have a thin framing or trim such as metal to align the edges. Mirrored walls are a great addition to any commercial setting. They can help sell products, give more light, and help those dedicated to fitness work on their form.

Custom Fabricated Mirrors

Many glass and mirror services will offer custom mirror fabrication, which allows the client to design their own mirrors. Mirrors can be cut to any size, thickness and shape. You can create a standard, beveled, and framed mirror. Custom mirrors can be used in any setting. Some of the more common requests for custom mirrors are for art galleries, restaurants, and hotels.

Framed Mirrors

As the name suggests, framed mirrors are mirrors with a framed edge. Standard mirrors and beveled mirrors can be framed. Framed mirrors typically use an elaborate frame. However, the frame design can vary to fit any theme. Framed mirrors are ornamental in nature and are used in bathrooms, lobbies and more decorative areas.

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Mirrors are used for a number of different reasons which is why they can be cut to fit anywhere you might desire. Mirrors reflective surfaces can be controlled, meaning a tint can be added to the glass to make it less reflective. Depending on your needs the applications for mirrors are limitless. When you need a quality mirror, tint or glass service, contact ANE Window Tinting. We provide a number of services from custom glass, tint installation for windows and automobile, as well as mirror installation. Contact ANE Window Tinting and schedule our services today.

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