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Pros of Commercial Building Window Tinting in Boonsboro, MD; Reduce Heat, Improve Security & More

Commercial buildings often use large windows. Retail centers, office buildings and more will use large windows for natural light as well as to show off their goods and trade. However, these large windows don’t just let in plenty of sunlight. They let in heat as well. Transparent windows can reduce security and can encourage thievery.…

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Reasons to Tint Car Windows, Window Tinting Laws, What to Do After & More in Summit Point, WV

Vehicular window tinting involves the application of a thin film of multi-layered polyester on the inside or outside of the windows. Inside application of the film is not exposed to the elements and is therefore more durable. Factory tints are incorporated between inside the glass and will maintain its integrity if the glass is intact.…

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Mirrors in Commercial Settings in Inwood, WV; Beveled, Framed, Mirrored Wall Panels & More

There are a number of commercial settings and all will need mirrors for different uses. There are different types of mirrors from framed, wall mirrors, standard mirrors, and more. Each mirror has its different uses or applications. ANE Glass & Mirror will share how different commercial settings use mirrors, some for décor, others for security,…

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Pros & Cons of Auto Glass Tinting in Martinsburg, WV; Tinted Car Windows; UV Protection, Reduces Heat & More

When it comes to your vehicle, there are several upgrades and customizations that you can add to make it your own. One popular customization is window tinting. There are several benefits but like with anything, there are also negatives to tinting the windows on your vehicle if you don’t hire a professional like ANE Glass…

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