Pros of Frameless, Neo Angle, Walk In & Other Glass Shower Door & Enclosure Styles in Middleburg, VA

When remodeling a bathroom or even doing a few changes, many people are redesigning the shower and bathtubs with glass enclosures. When designing the bathroom’s bathtub or shower, often it will require custom glass cuts so the glass enclosure fits properly. Glass enclosures are a one size fits all and often you will want a professional glass company to measure and custom cut the glass. ANE Window Tinting would like to share why custom glass enclosures are better and how they can enhance your home’s bathrooms.

Frameless & Other Glass Shower Enclosure Styles

As the homeowner, you may want to redesign your home bathroom and may want a more elegant and modern look to your home’s shower and or bathtub. There are many ways you can enclose a bathtub and shower when using a custom glass enclosure. Some of the most popular style glass enclosures are Neo-Angle, Right Angle, Frameless, and Walk-In glass enclosures. Often the bathroom’s overall design will determine which style of glass enclosure will be used. However, the homeowner will find they have several options to choose from and even put their own thoughts into designing their enclosure.

Glass Shower Door Options

One aspect of a glass enclosure is the door and how they operate. There are double or single swinging doors, bypass/sliding doors, and framed or frameless doors. The way you will access the bathtub, or shower can help increase space in the bathroom, especially when using a sliding door. Sliding doors can be flat and some even curved for angle showers. When designing the glass enclosure, consider how you will want to access the shower and or bathtub. For example, you may want double swinging doors for those that are disabled and need a walker or chair to move around. Also consider the space of the bathroom. Swing doors in most cases swing outward thereby demanding enough space to swing open.

Rain & Other Shower Glass Types

When going with custom glass cuts and design of the bathroom, you can also pick the type of glass you want to use. For glass enclosures, the most popular glass type is clear. Plain clear glass helps the bathroom feel more open and cleaner. The clear glass also creates a more modern theme to the bathroom. However, some people like a bit more privacy when showering. The homeowner can also choose a frosted or even patterned colored glass which can provide the needed privacy. Another common reason behind frosted or pattern glass is for a rustic or country theme. All glass can be framed or frameless which has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Shower Door Hardware

When custom designing your shower glass enclosure, you can often choose your open style hardware and handle for the doors. The handle and hardware finishes can vary. Some of the most common are chrome, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze. When using a framed glass enclosure, the material used to frame the glass is aluminum. When using a framed glass, chrome hardware is recommended for better aesthetics.

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When you want to have a glass shower enclosure installed in your home’s bathroom and need custom cut glass cut and installation, contact ANE Window Tinting today.

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