Clear VS Frosted Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures in Lansdowne, VA; Privacy, Cleaning & More

If you are starting the process of designing your glass shower enclosure, there are many design elements you will need to make as you complete your project. When we start working with clients many times they have some idea of what they are looking for. One area that we find our clients frequently have not thought about is what kind of glass they want for their shower. Today we are going to talk about two popular choices – clear glass or frosted glass.

Clear Glass Shower Doors

• Right now clear glass is very on trend for shower designs. Using clear glass really helps your bathroom have a nice open design. If you are trying to update your house to a more modern look, clear glass is an excellent choice.
• Another perk of clear glass is that it helps your bathroom look bigger. With other glass options your shower becomes closed off. A closed off shower makes your bathroom look smaller than it really is.
• In addition to making your bathroom look bigger, clear glass will also make your bathroom brighter. If you have windows in your bathroom this will also increase the brightness of your bathroom.
• Using clear glass allows you to showcase the design options inside your shower. Many people choose gorgeous tile in their showers. Clear glass makes your tile truly stand out and make a design statement.
• One of the most common reasons that people do not choose clear glass for their glass shower enclosures is that it does not give you any privacy. Anyone that walks into your bathroom while you are in the shower will be able to see you. For some people this is not a large concern but it is a deal breaker for others.

Frosted Glass Shower Enclosures

• While clear glass does not give you any privacy, frosted class gives you a nice privacy cover. You can have both functionality and privacy if you choose frosted glass for your glass shower enclosure.
• Another perk of frosted glass is that it does not require as much cleaning as clear glass. When you have clear glass you can always see the water spots on it. Frosted shower doors will help you hide those water spots.
• When you choose frosted glass you have more design options for your shower. Here at ANE Glass we offer rain glass and hammered glass as part of our frosted glass options.
• The downside of frosted glass is that they do make your bathroom darker and smaller than clear glass does.

Glass Shower Doors, Enclosures & More in Martinsburg, WV, Round Hill, VA, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Greater Eastern Panhandle Areas including Berkeley & Jefferson Counties, West Virginia

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both clear glass and frosted glass. What type of glass you choose is ultimately a personal decision. If you are having a hard time making a decision you may want to go look through some model homes. Model homes will have tons of different shower options for you to look. You can also look online at bathroom designs to see photos of shower designs. If you have any questions as you make your decision ANE Window Tinting can help in the design and installation of your new shower.

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