Pros of Commercial Building Window Tinting in Boonsboro, MD; Reduce Heat, Improve Security & More

Commercial buildings often use large windows. Retail centers, office buildings and more will use large windows for natural light as well as to show off their goods and trade. However, these large windows don’t just let in plenty of sunlight. They let in heat as well. Transparent windows can reduce security and can encourage thievery. ANE Window Tinting would like to share how commercial buildings can still use large windows as well as the many benefits of window tinting.

Does Window Tinting Reduce Heat?

Windows often let in a lot of sunlight and heat. Where the sunlight provides natural light during the day, it can increase the heat inside the building. This increased the demand for longer working air conditioning systems. One of the many benefits to window tinting is that the tint can help block 85% of the sun’s heat. The tinting can also reduce 95% of the sun’s glare. The tint still allows light to shine through and provides natural light within the building. With window tinting, the building can still benefit from natural light and help reduce the heat inside the building. In return, this reduces the power needs of the facility.

Window Tinting Makes Workplace More Comfortable

Translucent windows create glares, hot-spots and make chairs and desks hot to the touch. Large translucent windows can make the area uncomfortable for employees, clients and guests. Window tinting can help make open areas near windows more comfortable and provide a better working environment. Window tints come in different percentages with the lower percentages being darker. At 5%, the tint is almost black, with 45% being a lighter tint. Depending on the needs of the building, the tint can range in darkness which helps add more comfort to the building’s interior.

Window Tinting Reduces Interior Sun Damage

There are a number of interior features can be damaged by the UV rays from the sun. Adhesives will break down under the heat, carpet and other material can become bleached out or faded and products damaged by the sun rays. To prevent internal damage, often window tinting is enough. However, some window tints can have a reflective surface to help bounce the sun’s UV rays away from the inside of the building and prevent minor and/or expensive damages.

Window Safety & Security Film

Where windows help to self-advertise products, they can pose a major security threat. As you can still see through a tinted window, there are security grade tints that help reduce the UV rays from the sun and prevent glass from shattering. Tinting film can help hold glass together when it is broken which keeps burglars and thieves out of the building. It can also help keep those inside safer during an attempted break-in.

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There are many benefits to window tinting. It helps save on energy, makes the building more comfortable with no ongoing cost, and increases security. However, window tints can also help increase the building’s appearance. There are a large number of tint styles which can create an interesting look for the building. A reflective blue tint creates a glittery diamond affect which can increase the building’s image. For commercial buildings, residential homes or even automobiles that need window tinting, contact ANE Window Tinting. We provide window tinting and more. Contact ANE Window Tinting today!

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