Frameless Sliding, Swing, Pivot, Fixed, Bifold Glass Shower Doors & Other Types in Sterling, VA

Showers are a big part of the day. It can provide a calming gesture at the end of a hard day or awaken the senses at the start of a new one. When it comes to the shower, it doesn’t just provide a practical need for hygiene, but it also can be a complimentary aesthetic for the bathroom. Where the showerhead, jets, tile and other features are always considered, few consider the shower door. The shower enclosure offers an overall appearance and harmony with your bath’s décor. Framed, architecture, and spa-like nearly invisibility among other options can make the showers spectacular. With so many options, it can help to have a little direction. With this in mind, we at ANE Window Tinting would like to share a basic shower enclosure guide split in two parts.

Shower Door Opening Dimensions

Because you do not want to make major changes to the water lines, you may decide to place the shower next to the tub because it looks nice. Whether you need a corner space, or have an extravagantly larger shower, you want to ensure the shower is designed with the right features. The door mounting options include Framed, Semi-framed, Frameless, and Freestanding. Based mostly on your sense of style you will want to consult with your contractor to assess the bathroom space. You will need to know the dimensions from ceiling-to-floor, where the plumbing lines, as well as the measurements from the walls and floors. Making sure that the walls can bear the weight of frameless doors, which the experts ANE Window Tinting can help you with.

Choosing Glass Shower Door Options

Space restrictions, preferences as to the style, and movement of the door will need to be considered for your selection of the door. Swinging or sliding are a few options; along with handles, the shower enclosure’s placement of controls on one or two walls and the width and height of the shower. For the glass shower door enclosure options, you can consider the following:
1) Sliding Glass Shower Doors. Sliding in either direction to open or close, the two panels fit in a frame.
2) Glass Shower Door Swing or Pivot. Swinging open from the left or right, a single pane attached to a wall.
3) Glass Shower Door & Panel. A panel is fixed with hinges to the other wall and operates as the door with one narrow pane is fixed to the wall while next to it.
4) Butterfly / Bi-fold Shower Doors. At the center to open inward two equal-size panels are hinged.
5) Fixed Shower Door. With the rest of the shower opening remains uncovered, a single pane of glass attached to the wall holding the showerhead protects the bathroom from splashes.

Glass Shower Door Enclosures & More in Martinsburg, WV, Round Hill, VA, Gaithersburg, Maryland, Greater Eastern Panhandle Areas including Berkeley & Jefferson Counties, West Virginia

Where there is still much to consider for your glass shower enclosure, the above are just few considerations to consider for your glass shower enclosure. ANE Window Tinting can help you decide and plan the shower enclosure that is ideal for your bathroom and your tastes. Contact us to learn more today!

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