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When you want to redesign your bathroom, many homeowners favor glass enclosed showers when deciding which style or way to enclose their shower or bathtub. There are many ways to design a glass enclosure, which can leave homeowners unsure as to which way is best as well as the pros and cons of each design or style. ANE Glass & Shower will share a few design tips when installing enclosed glass showers and bathtubs.

Design of Bathing Area

When deciding to remodel your home’s bathroom and you want enclosed glass, you will need to consider the bathroom’s design. One of the primary considerations is the bathing area. Glass enclosures can vary from single standalone showers, extended showers or shower and bathtub combos. The size of the enclosed areas can alter the design of the glass. The style of glass enclosure and doors can vary from different types of bathing areas.

Types of Glass Shower Doors

There are three major types of glass shower doors that can be used for the different types of bathroom step-ups.
Sliding (By-Pass) Shower Doors: By-Pass doors, or most often referred to as sliding glass shower doors, can be installed for both standalone showers, or for bath tub and shower combos. Sliding glass shower doors are often the favored option for both bathtubs and shower as they are great space savers and are more effective in keeping water from leaking.
Pivot Shower Doors: A pivot glass shower door uses a basic hinged operating system. As hinged doors require opening space, they are not super common in smaller bathrooms. Pivot glass is easier to maintain and to keep clean.
Neo-Angle Glass Shower Door: Neo-Angle glass shower doors are designed for the corner shower. Neo-Angled shower doors are mostly hinged, however, there are a few curved sliding style Neo-Angle glass shower doors.
Depending on the bathroom size and what type of bathing features are in the bathroom, the glass door type can vary. As the shower door design and the glass enclosure can vary due to the bathroom features and design, you can also choose from different types of glass.

Different Types of Glass for Shower Doors & Enclosures

When remodeling a bathroom and installing glass shower or bathtub enclosures, you can choose from different types of glass. The glass types can help enhance the bathroom and provide privacy if desired. Here are the top two most popular types of glass used for shower and bathtub enclosures.
Clear Glass: One of the most popular is clear glass. Clear glass doors and enclosures provide a clean and open feel to the bathroom. Clear glass can be framed or frameless each having their own benefits. Framed glass is more sturdy but is harder to clean. The frameless glass is much easier to clean and has a spacious appeal. however, they are considered to be less sturdy.
Frosted or Textured Glass: Another popular glass is textured or frosted glass which provides more privacy. Frosted glass can vary in a wide range of designs with some being partially clear. This type allows the bathroom to feel more open. When you want a bit of privacy and add an interesting design to the glass, frosted glass is often used.

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