Stubborn Hard Etching & Soft Water Stains on Glass Shower Doors & Enclosures in Leesburg, VA

So, you’ve remodeled your bathroom. Perhpps you had a glass shower enclosure installed or a beautiful tile installed in the shower along with a glass shower door. The glass shower door allows you to showcase that tilework and enjoy it every time you walk into your bathroom. As the weeks have passed, a filmy residue has probably formed on the glass. The likely culprit is hard water that occurs when minerals cling to the door after water droplets have evaporated and soap built up. Allowing this to accumulate on glass shower doors can cause etching and can permanently damage the glass. Did you know that hard water and soft water can both have an affect on your glass shower door?

Hard Water Stains & Etching on Glass Shower Doors

Water is considered to be hard when it contains a high amount of dissolved minerals including calcium, lime and magnesium. Rainwater is soft as it falls, as it passes through the ground, into waterways and then out your showerhead, it has collected plenty of minerals that then make it hard. Water is considered very hard when it contains 10.5 grains per gallon (GPG) or higher. Hard water that enters your home can lead to dingy clothes, spots on glassware and film on your shower doors. The soap you use becomes less effective because it reacts negatively with calcium and magnesium, and your hair may even feel sticky and appear dull.

Soft Water Stains on Glass Showers

Soft water is the water you get when its been treated to remove calcium and magnesium. The process removes most of the ions but soda, which is a negatively charged ion, stays. Your water may taste salty and your sodium intake will increase. Rainwater that falls to the ground isn’t softer than about 1 to 3.5 GPG and is considered slightly hard. Water that is treated with a water softener contains less than 1 GPG. The sodium in soft water can leave stains behind that are similar to hard water spots.

Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Using window cleaner on your glass door is not very effective at removing buildup.
• Try using a commercial calcium or lime removing spray to remove hard water spots.
• Try wiping a dryer sheet over fresh hard water spots to lift residue.
• Try using lemon juice on stubborn hard water spots. Spray the lemon juice on the shower door and rub a paste of vinegar and baking soda over it with a soft cloth. Rinse and dry the door to finish.

How to Keep Glass Shower Doors Sparkling

There are steps you can take to prevent buildup after you have removed it.
• Wipe the door down or use a squeegee after every shower.
• Use a coating on the door to reduce water stain damage.
• Install a water softener if your water supply has a mineral hardness above 3 GPG.

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Don’t let the possibility of buildup deter you from installing a glass shower door. There are ways to prevent it and clean it when it happens. Contact ANE Window Tinting to schedule your bathroom remodel today!

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