Frosted Glass Applications in Smithsburg, MD; Light to Dark Frost, Decorative Design, Privacy & More

Glass is used everywhere in our homes and commercial buildings. Glass is used for doors, windows, in bathrooms, on cabinets and more. Glass is used for its durable translucency. Glass can also be created into great works of art which enhances the home décor. Frosted glass comes in a variety of textured designs, which can create a beautiful piece of art or simply add a bit of privacy. ANE Window Tinting would like share how frosted glass is made as well as its many uses in the home and in commercial buildings.

How Frosted Glass is Made

Frosted glass is basically a type of annealed glass, which is a term used for glass that went through an intense process of heating and cooling. This process helps make the glass stronger. Most people assume frosted glass is brittle which isn’t true at all. In fact, it is one of the stronger types of glass. However, how strong the glass is can depend on thickness as well as how it was heated and cooled. Frosted glass starts out much like any other glass but a type of wallpaper paste, or a white powder and or a PVC acid free based glue is added to give the frosted look and texture. The mixture of the frosting can vary depending on what type or design of frosted glass is requested. Stencils are often used for the flashy designs such as vine leaves, flowers, a bamboo forest or even a simple checkerboard design. The frosted glass can be used entirely as a solid piece or just the design can be frosted. There are tons of designs and types of frosted glass each having their own uses. Frosted glass is most often made in large manufacturing plants. However some people will do custom handmade frosted glass.

Frosted Glass Home Designs

It is rather amazing to see how often frosted glass is used. It is everywhere in our home, workplaces and in many commercial buildings. In the home you can used frosted glass anywhere. Most often they are used in kitchen cabinets or as shower walls. However, you will also see frosted glass used for windows and in exterior doors. Full or partial frosted glass is great for privacy and also adds a slight flare to the home décor and makes the glass seem more interesting.

Commercial Decorative Frosted Glass

In commercial settings, one of the higher demands for frosted glass is in office buildings. Office buildings love using frosted glass to separate individual offices yet allows plenty of natural light into the building. Again, frosted glass helps provide a little bit of privacy and helps reduce distractions. Using large pieces of frosted glass help make the workplace feel more open and bright as the glass allows plenty of light to shine through. You will also find frosted glass in many other commercial settings from banks, retail stores, hair salons and spas. Frosted glass may be small and simple. It is common to have the logo frosted on glass doors and/or windows. You will find frosted glass in bathrooms and even used for desks and light fixtures.

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